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     Welcome to Express Shuttle website


                           Our most important services are:

    Express Shuttle mission is to provide you an excellent, safe, reliable and affordable Miami shuttle

    Our company has a broad expertise doing Miami private shuttle services for families and groups
    coming to our city for a cruise, meeting, party, convention, promo, vacation or any other activity with
    origin or destination in Miami.

    Express Shuttle appreciates your time and business. Our company will do everything as possible to
    leave you 100% pleased.  

    Express Shuttle is the Official Transportation Partner of the Miami Beach Convention Center and a
    proud member of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.
    Our Miami Shuttle services are in 10 passengers vans with capacity for 2 or 3 piece of luggages per
    person. These vans are well manteinanced, cleaned, and inspected in a regular basis.

    We wish you a happy stay in Miami and thanks for
    choosing Express Shuttle as your Miami transportation
    shuttle provider.
Cell: 305-282-4626

    What else Express Shuttle has to offer to our customers:

  • More than 7 years of expertise in the industry.     
  • Honestly at all time  
  • Online reservations.
  • Online payments by PayPal.
  • 100% money back guarantee for any cancellation.
  • Instructions for all pick ups, from Miami Airport, Ft Lauderdale Airport,
    hotels or  residences.         
  • 1Million Dollars Comprehensive General Liability Insurance covering
    all our vehicles.
  • Licensed & Permited in all destinations in which we operate.
  • Private Transportation services ( exclusive van services )
  • Shared ride shuttle services.
  • Comunication at all time; by phone, email, and in person.      

  • There you will see pictures of our van.
  • Reservation form that give you the possibility of fill in information for 2
  • You can write any additional detail for your transportation service.
  • Do not forget to submit after fill in.
  • After submitted an Express Shuttle's representative will contact you on the next
    24 hours.
  • You usually will receive the invoice on the next couple of hours after submitted
    the reservation.
  • Please provide us with your primary email address because there you will
    receive your invoice.
  • Please if posible provide your cellular phone's number, not your home's phone.
    It is the one that you are going to bring to Miami.

    2- For any additional information about your Miami Shuttle services, please
    call: 305-282-4626.

    Express Shuttle offers  from Miami International Airport (MIA) shuttle to:

  • Miami Beach
  • Downtown Miami
  • Port of Miami
  • Miami residences
  • Ft Lauderdale Airport, hotels, and residences.
      Express Shuttle provides from Port of Miami shuttle to:
  • Miami Airport
  • Ft Lauderdale Airport
  • Miami residence
  • Miami hotels
     Express Shuttle provides from Ft Lauderdale Airport (FLL) shuttle to:

  • Port of Miami
  • Downtown Miami hotels
  • Miami Airport hotels
  • South Beach hotels
  • Miami hotels by Miami Airport    

    Express Shuttle is a passengers' shuttle company based in Miami that specializes in Miami
    Shuttle vans services. Our company has been doing shuttle transportation in Miami since
    November 2004. Express Shuttle offers private and shared ride shuttle services from Miami
    Airport, Ft Lauderdale Airport and Port of Miami among others.
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